Sherry Pryor Witter, Managing Partner, Co-founder and CIO of the Witter Family Offices, has joined the advisory board of SGIM, a technology-based investment management company headquartered in New York City.

Sherry was approached to join the board by Adam Forbes & Mitch Wonboy, who co-founded SGIM in 2013. Forbes, a fin-tech veteran, and Wonboy, a JP Morgan alum, established SGIM around their belief that it is possible to outperform broad market indices more often than not and that owning individual securities in an actively managed portfolio is a critical element to effectively manage risk. This principle, coupled with SGIM’s proprietary technology, is what sets Forbes and Wonboy’s firm apart from traditional money managers.

“Sherry brings extensive experience and relationships within the financial services, family office and investment management spaces to SGIM as it continues to gain international attention,” says Mitch Wonboy. “We are delighted to have her as part of our team.”

Sherry Pryor Witter’s decision to join was based her belief that SGIM solves an unmet need for investors: “SGIM is enabling family office CIOs, wealth managers and individual investors to focus on their core investment strengths while offloading to SGIM a portion of their investment mandate at a reasonable cost and historically strong returns. They charge only if it beats the benchmark – that should resonate well with returns-focused investors that are tired of multiple layers of fees.”

The SGIM platform directly invests in a basket of U.S. securities selected by proprietary algorithms that have historically generated returns above its benchmark indices. Unlike most advisors, SGIM’s methodology does not involve buying mutual funds or stock market ETFs; they only buy individual securities, eliminating any possibility of duplication and meaningful layers of unnecessary fees. The aforementioned technology enables SGIM to take an objective view of security selection, portfolio construction and risk management to help each client reach their investment objectives. In a period of material market declines, SGIM’s algorithms also automatically dial back exposure, reducing the portfolio’s volatility. As those same dynamics reverse themselves, the portion of stocks that were sold are re-invested.

About the Witter Family Offices:
The Witter Family Offices was founded by Michael D. Witter, grandson of Dean Witter, and Sherry Pryor Witter to drive wealth generation and philanthropic giving. The group invests across investment asset classes including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture, commodities and fine musical instruments.

Sherry Pryor Witter, Managing Partner, Co-founder and CIO, runs the investment arm and the operations of the Witter Family Offices. Having spent over 20 years in the investment space, Sherry has developed a disciplined and strategic approach to investing, with a unique ability for finding talented managers and traders. Throughout Sherry’s career she has helped launch over a hundred businesses whose esoteric and non-market correlated mandates have generated outsized returns and created employment in the multiple funds that were established. This includes seeding and partnering with entrepreneurial mathematicians, engineers, traders, portfolio managers and statisticians. Sherry is also responsible for her family’s investments in longer duration illiquid holdings. She launched her first hedge fund upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, and subsequently started 6 other funds before establishing the Witter Family Offices with her husband, Michael D. Witter.

The Witter Family Offices is also focused on its charitable giving, whose mission is governed by Michael D. Witter, grandson of Dean Witter, Managing Partner and Co-founder of the Firm. Michael D. Witter is focused on the management of the Witter family foundations and related organizations. Michael’s philanthropic mission continues Dean Witter’s legacy of charitable giving dedicated to wildlife habitat and land conservation, while also focusing on military veteran rehabilitation, preservation of American history, and the fostering of relations between allied forces.

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