The Witter Family Office, based in New York City, announced today that it is expanding with the opening of an office in Austin, Texas, to enhance its investment opportunities.

“Establishing our Austin office is a reflection of the economic growth that we are witnessing in the region,” comments Sherry Pryor Witter, Managing Partner, Co-Founder, CIO of the Witter Family Office. “Austin has become a significant center for technology, consumer, and industrial business growth, and our presence here recognizes that new and existing businesses benefit from local, collaborative-capital partners to complement their current investment objectives and strategies.”

Sherry Pryor Witter co-founded the Witter Family Office in late 2011 with her husband, Michael Witter.  Sherry runs the investment arm as well as the operations of the family office. Sherry Pryor Witter continues to discover talented managers and traders, adding investments into the blockchain and crypto space, including funds, projects, SPVs, founders and other entrepreneurs.

Since creating the Witter Family Office, Sherry Pryor Witter has helped launch over 100 businesses and invested in over 30 projects. The Witter Family office focuses on four investment areas, liquid equities (commodities, options, volatility, electricity, etc.), private equity, venture/ crypto venture, and liquid crypto.

Michael D. Witter is the youngest grandson of Dean Witter, the man known for bringing Wall Street to Main Street. Through the foundations that Sherry Pryor Witter has established, Michael continues to build on the tradition of philanthropic giving that his grandfather started.

Sherry Pryor Witter believes Austin is one of the fastest-expanding markets for partnerships and investments. “As Texas continues to promote business-friendly policies, we will see increased growth in, and around Austin,” Sherry Pryor Witter said, “and the Witter Family Office is well-positioned on the ground to maximize this accelerating market. ”

About The Witter Family Office
The Witter Family Office has been built upon a fundamental ethos of creating good to do good. To that end, Sherry Pryor Witter endeavors to build and partner with great businesses and projects which create solutions and solve for life. Michael D. Witter’s passion drives him to seek out worthy causes to support not only financially, but with his time.

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