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360 One Firm (361Firm) is an independent global platform to collaborate on investments & philanthropies by/for family offices, institutional investors, and thought leaders.

We collaborate across asset classes, industries and borders, in funds and direct (co-)investments as well as in both impact and charitable organizations and causes. Co-founded by ex-Andersen partners, we have a collaborative “one firm”​ culture, tailored to family offices who can add extraordinary value from industry experience and relationships. We believe in active engagement, facilitated by Weekly Briefing Roundtables, “Deep Dive” (web) conferences, and monthly Global Conferences (

We seek strategic partnerships with funds, which can often provide co-investment opportunities, or join us by leading opportunities we originate.

In venture, we love entrepreneurs and game-changing companies but we prefer to work with (invest in and raise money for) funds or sponsors who have a systematic process with a wide funnel, appropriate due diligence, domain expertise and team to support through exit. We don’t advise family offices or others to invest in early stage companies directly unless they can provide clear strategic value and ideally in collaboration with a lead investor who has such a systematic process.

Private Equity. Here, our family offices can often play a special role that PE funds don’t always enable, so we try to marry the best of both worlds, typically in the lower middle market.

Private Credit. We like private credit, particularly managers in niches in the lower middle market, often enabling co-investment (including equity “off market”).​

We also do this in secondaries across assets.

Family offices often seek capital or a solution for one of their portfolio companies, and we provide tailored investment banking solutions, leveraging our collective network.